Is That You?

Rudy Riveron SANCHEZ|UK, Cuba|2018 |107min |Asian Premiere |Color |15+

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
305 6/30  10:30 - 12:17 CGV Sopoong 3 15
515 7/2  14:00 - 15:47 Korea Manhwa Museum 15
736 7/4  17:00 - 18:47 CGV Bucheon 5 15 GV
305 6/30  10:30 - 12:17CGV Sopoong 3
티켓예매 아이콘
515 7/2  14:00 - 15:47Korea Manhwa Museum
티켓예매 아이콘
736 7/4  17:00 - 18:47CGV Bucheon 5
15  GV
티켓예매 아이콘

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Program Note

There is a family with an adolescent daughter, a shoemaker dad and stay at home mother. The way in which oppressive patriarchate works for mother and daughter is quite different. Comparing to the daughter is adjusted to oppression, the mother who is suffering directly is trying to escaped from here. It is appalling to see what is left in the place where Dad nally disappeared. Each actor plays a big part in the small casting. Especially, the daughter’s performance is astonishing. The rst Cuban psychological thriller. (Ellen Y. D. KIM)


루디 리베론 산체스

Rudy Riveron SANCHEZ

Is That You? (2018)


Producer Emma BERKOFSKY
Screenplay Rudy Riveron SANCHEZ
Cinematographer Raul Perez URETA
Editor Rudy Riveron SANCHEZ, Aurora VOGELI
Music James WILLIAMS, Owain KELLY
Production Design Onelio LARRALDE
Cast Gabriela RAMOS, Jorge Enrique CABALLERO, Lynn CRUZ