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I'm Crazy

KUDO Masaaki|Japan|2017|86min |International Premiere |G

Code Time Theater Rate GV
245 7/14  18:00 - 19:26 CGV Bucheon 4 G GV
337 7/15  20:00 - 21:26 CGV Bucheon 3 G GV
1018 7/22  14:00 - 15:26 CGV Sopoong 3 G
245 7/14  18:00 - 19:26CGV Bucheon 4
337 7/15  20:00 - 21:26CGV Bucheon 3
1018 7/22  14:00 - 15:26CGV Sopoong 3

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Program Note

Musician Yuki is hit by a car driven by Michiko on the day of his last gig. From that day, Yuki becomes intimate with Michiko, a composer and performer. Michiko looks after her autistic child alone while her husband cheats on her. The two tell their story through music in this crazy world.

Program Note

‘When someone stands at the crossroads of choice in life, will they live entirely as they are, or will they be led by someone?’ The musician Yuki wants to find her own answer to this question. As a musician, he wants to devote himself to his music with honor. He thinks it’s a trick to play music when it comes to being famous. Yuki decided. After today’s performance, he will stop playing music. On a very important day in life, Yuki is hit by Michiko’s car. It turns out that Michiko works as a composer and has a son with autism. Yuki and Michiko become close through music in a short time. Sometimes you get comfort from others who you don’t expect from. Music is also a wonderful way to care about each other’s minds. Yuki and Michiko meet miraculously in the mist of trouble and gain the strength to walk again. It is the release of Kudo Masaaki, who experienced the production assistant of If You Are The One (2008) by FENG Xiaogang and Mishima Yukiko’s Dear Etranger (2017) and so on. (JEONG Ji-hye)


쿠도 마사아키

KUDO Masaaki

Born in 1983, Kyoto Prefecture. I’m Crazy (2018) is an independent film and his first feature film. It won the NETPAC award at the 22nd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. Unprecedented is his second feature film.


Producer Obinata Takahito
Screenplay Kudo Masaaki
Cinematographer Fukumoto Jun
Editor Kato Yuiko, Kudo Masaaki
Music Kato Ryota
Production Design Nakamura Sango
Cast Furutachi Yutaro, Sakurai Yuki
Sales THEFOOL, Inc.