Fantastic Short Films 13


Iran|2017 |12min |Asian Premiere |

  • 밀실
  • 악령
  • 괴물
  • 코미디
  • 액션
Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
354 7/15  12:30 CGV Bucheon 7 12 GV
741 7/19  17:00 Songnae Solan Art Hall 12
1036 7/22  11:00 CGV Bucheon 4 12
354 7/15  12:30CGV Bucheon 7
12  GV
741 7/19  17:00Songnae Solan Art Hall
1036 7/22  11:00CGV Bucheon 4

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A young man is trying to escape from a Popcorn box that wakes him up in the middle of the night by a text message, but whatever he does and wherever he runs, the Popcorn box never leaves him alone.

Program Note

Here comes the attack of killer tomatoes. This time, it is the killer popcorn! A strange text message is received suddenly in the middle of the night. Surprisingly, it is sent by a popcorn box. Then the man faces danger. He finds himself helpless as he cannot escape from the attack of popcorn whatever he does or wherever he goes. Who could have imagined an attack of popcorn, a movie’s best friend! The wit and good sense of the director who finds horror from a harmless and everyday object surely stand out in this cute and scary movie. (MO Eun-young)


모흐센 파라졸라히


After Mohsen Farajollahi graduated from university with a major in English literature, he became a part-time English teacher. Meanwhile, He applied for a one-year VFX course, and then he started working as a VFX artist, but it was not what he wanted. He shifted and focused on writing the script Popcorn.

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