Fantastic Short Films 16


Korea, Japan|2018 |13min |World Premiere |

  • 밀실
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  • 가족
Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
346 7/15  18:00 CGV Bucheon 5 15 GV
621 7/18  17:00 CGV Sopoong 5 15 GV
907 7/21  15:30 Bucheon City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F) 15
346 7/15  18:00CGV Bucheon 5
15  GV
621 7/18  17:00CGV Sopoong 5
15  GV
907 7/21  15:30Bucheon City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F)

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A young woman goes to a part-time babysitter interview and hired on the spot to look after a 4 year-old girl named Hana. But soon after she is left alone in the house with Hana, strange things start to happen.

Program Note

It is not hard to recognize the likes of Hana, who babysitter Su-jin looks after. The most frightening thing here is the mother’s attitude; she is already searching for another babysitter and asks her not to hurt her daughter. Hana needs her mother most now, but this mother is the only one who can’t see that, well she makes out she can’t anyway. A tragedy caused by the tough life of a working mom, which remains bitter as it merges with real life. (HWANG Hye-min)


나카니시 마이


Although Nankanishi Mai was born in Tokyo, she spent most of her youth abroad. She is a founder and director of Scream Queen FilmFest Tokyo, the only female-centric genre film festival in Asia. Hana is her directorial debut.

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