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YOKOSHIMA Toshihisa|Japan|2017 |46min |Korean Premiere |G

Code Time Theater Rate GV
354 7/15  12:30 - 13:43 CGV Bucheon 7 12 GV
741 7/19  17:00 - 18:13 Songnae Solan Art Hall 12
1036 7/22  11:00 - 12:13 CGV Bucheon 4 12
354 7/15  12:30 - 13:43CGV Bucheon 7
12  GV
741 7/19  17:00 - 18:13Songnae Solan Art Hall
1036 7/22  11:00 - 12:13CGV Bucheon 4

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Program Note

At the underground world, where only the color of achromatic exists, a child wonder the color of the sky that have never seen. We can know what sometimes see that what we hope is more beautiful than reality from this child.

Program Note

The film shows a post-apocalypse world where acid rain falls in ashes. A few survivors live underground, longing for the outside world. There are only a few healthy people among them who can go out into the real world. The survivors can only imagine what the outside world looks like. The main character Fuyu paints the outside world with his imagination and the colors that his friends deliver from the outside world. Is the world really that color? Like the title, the color of the world is what makes it all together. It doesn’t matter if it’s real or if it’s just an ideal dream. Will Cocolors be another promising star in the Japanese animation industry? (NAH Ho-won)


요코시마 토시히사


Born in 1980. In 2003, Yokoshima Toshihisa joined Kamikaze Douga, and he produced a variety of movies as a director. In 2009, he directed a short movie Amanatsu (2010), which has garnered much praise worldwide, including The Stuttgart Trickfilm Animated Film Festival nomination.