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Barcelona: A Love Untold

Olivia LAMASAN|Philippines|2016 |131min |Asian Premiere |Color |Feature / Drama, Romance |15+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
346 7/16  18:00 - 20:11 CGV Bucheon Station 2 15
620 7/19  14:00 - 16:11 CGV Bucheon Station 2 15
346 7/16  18:00 - 20:11CGV Bucheon Station 2
620 7/19  14:00 - 16:11CGV Bucheon Station 2

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Program Note

[The Philippines : No.2]
Ely is in Barcelona to study but can’t get over his past love. He then meets Mia, a girl who sees Spain as a fresh start. Together they go on a journey to find the answers to their lifelong questions.


올리비아 라마산


She started as a production assistant in 1984. She is the head of ABS-CBN’s Creative Department and is known for her expertise and excellence in her field. In 2016, she directed Barcelona: A Love Untold (2016), which had a profit of 300 million pesos worldwide.