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The Phoenix Incident

USA|2015 |84min |Asian Premiere |Color |Fiction |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
108 7/22  13:20 CGV Bucheon 6 15 GV
446 7/25  20:50 CGV Bucheon 8 15 GV
1702 7/28  14:00 Sosa-gu Office Sohyang Hall 15
108 7/22  13:20CGV Bucheon 6
15  GV
446 7/25  20:50CGV Bucheon 8
15  GV
1702 7/28  14:00Sosa-gu Office Sohyang Hall

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The Phoenix Incident is based on the largest UFO sighting in North America known as the Phoenix Lights. Blurring the line between fiction and reality, the fact-based, sci-fi thriller revolves around a military conspiracy and the controversial missing person’s case surrounding the infamous 1997 event.


키스 아렘

Keith AREM

Born in 1969, Keith Arem isa Creative Director andPresident of PCB Productions. He worked over 20 years in film, music, interactive and AAA video games. The Phoenix Incident is his first film which he directed and wrote. Arem is developing several additional feature films and television projects.

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