Fantastic Short Films 11

Fantastic Short Films, for which BIFAN enthusiasts sends absolute support, screen a careful selection of pieces that show extraordinary imagination unique to short films, based on original ideas and free sensibility hardly seen in feature films. This year’s Fantastic Short Films feature 95 short films, ranging from pieces boasting of the diversity and pleasure of genre cinema to controversial works that demonstrate the director’s extreme personality and abominable taste, awaiting the audiences.
It is worth noting the accomplishment of Japanese films are invited to the program. They include films showing the ambition and energy of new Japanese directors, such as Night of the Dead Geisha, which skillfully mixes zombie and comedy movies as well as the process of movie making to depict the story of women’s ordeals transcending time. Also, there are comedy short films full of R-rated humor that will make you roll on the floor laughing, such as Crying Free Sex and 2001: A space oddysSEX. The program also includes a number of American and European conventional genre films, highlighting the fun features of the genre. The Itch, Circle of Teeth and A/S/L illustrate bold bodily mutilation to maximize pleasure coming from horror movies, and Robot & Scarecrow, Post Mortem Mary and Mechanika are stylish with the strengths unique to the genre standing out.
After a strong competition, 35 Korean short films were selected for the screening from 1,006 entries. With much diverse subject matters and a higher level of quality, these films tell the concerns and social issues faced by the young generation, such as romantic relationships, employment and human relations, in a joyful manner. To start with, Blowfish, A Son, and Intimate Strangers portray our daily life delicately, well demonstrating the interests of young Korean directors. For those who wish to enjoy unconventional fun coming from strong storylines and mature direction, we recommend “Off the Screen” Section, a compilation of short films by well-established directors who have made new attempts outside of the theater, such as Directors YIM Phil-sung, LEE Kyoungmi, KIM Jong-kwan and LEE Won-Suk. Any film of this year’s Fantastic Short Films program will show you the charm of short films to the fullest, in that they exhibit various styles, directors’ views of the world and free spirits of fantastic films in a candid manner.