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Fantastic Short Films 1

Shorties, but goodies. Here, we’ve got short masterpieces that will bring about shock and plot twists with just one scene and just one word, or that will leave a long lasting impression by the condensed energy in the short time frame of the films. With such charms, Fantastic Short Films have been greatly loved by the audiences visiting BIFAN. With the participation of 84 movies from 21 countries, we’ve got many intriguing and ‘fantastic’ movies, as the name ‘Fantastic Short Films’ suggests. Movies such as Caw, expressing a girl’s despair in a fantasy; a spooky horror movie from Brunei called More Vanishing Children; a comedy-horror with an unexpected twist, The Northleach HorrorLIMBO, a movie artistically depicting a fear for the unknown being; as well as The Art of Not Appearing, a story about a ghost who continues to write a book that it wasn’t able to finish, are some of the delightful ones to discover. Movies have a deeper message on life, death, and the meaning of good and bad, including And the Whole Sky Fit in the Dead Cow's Eye, a film that received a Jury Award from the Sundance Film Festival, as well as Nero, a Spanish short film also invite the audiences. They also should not miss out on sci-fi movies expressing their concerns on nightmarish societies in the near future including The Boogeys and Arterial, and even some of the ‘scary movies’, such as The Cleansing Hour, Commune, and The Dark Ward. Korean movies are also prominent in this year’s collection of Fantastic Short Films. Such films include One Night, Suddenly, which starts from the perspective of a criminal then ‘suddenly’ turns into an action that punishes the criminal; and Kim and Jang, a ludicrous movie about moviemaking, and the movies which will allow us to look back at where we are by dealing with hazing, family, unemployment, minorities, and all sorts of the problems that we are facing now.