Bucheon Choice: Shorts 1

Twelve movies are chosen in the ‘Bucheon Choice: Shorts’ for the award of three prizes including Best Short Film, Jury’s Choice for Short Film, and Audience Award for Short Film. Films in this section include: Einstein - Rosen, a warm comedy on childhood imagination and scientific theory; 16.03, a film that follows the urgent 16 minutes of a woman being chased by an unknown truck; Birthday, a movie which supernaturally and fearfully portrays a distorted desire of human beings at a recovery unit of a hospital; Green, a movie sensibly describing the mind of a cash transporting clerk who's about to fall into the temptation of earning a huge amount of cash; Helen, a movie about a nightmarish night of a business person with a presentation to give the day after; and SNIP, a Canadian animation that received a Special Mention Short Film Award at Berlin International Film Festival Generation 14+. The unique style of each film as well as their completeness will enable the audience to feel the uniqueness of ‘fantastic short films’ filled with tension, horror, and fantasy.
Other films include White Tunnel, a collaboration between Taiwanese and Japanese producers with a unique, black-and-white oriental brushstroke; and Crash, a Macau-produced film that provides a warm solace with its depiction of people's kindness through social media. There are two Korean movies including Him, a fierce short film which will be regarded as the short version of The Wailing; and The Bath, in which the concept of a bathhouse - a communal place where people wash their bodies - and washing the sins of the soul are connected. Such films will open the eyes of the audiences to see the current trend of Asian movies. A Finnish action movie, Violin, which was directed by a martial-arts director who also starred in the film, as well as Death Metal, which is a movie that depicts an indiscriminating murder revolving around a cursed electric guitar while featuring fierce metal music, should not be missed as well.