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Bucheon Choice: Features

Bucheon Choice is an international competition category of BIFAN that focuses on discovering new trends of genre films all over the world and talented people for the future. The selection standards for Bucheon Choice are novelty and creativity. This section selects films that show perspectives that overthrow the current values people naturally learn through everyday life, unique styles that cannot be found elsewhere, and films that show a challenging and experimental spirit against what has become the custom in the commercial film market. This category gives out two awards based on the evaluation of international jury members and an Audience Award based on a vote by the audience.
For this year, Bucheon Choice has selected 11 original films from various countries, including the first horror film of Albania. Various films will be introduced such as The End by the unique and energetic director JEON Kyuhwan, The Endless by Aaron MOOREHEAD and Justin BENSON - the new rising duo of the film industry that caused a sensation in Tribeca - Black Hollow Cage, the sentimental sci-fi film about a brittle-hearted girl and her fears, Rey, the experimental film based on a real man that seems more unreal than a fictional character, 68 Kill, the film about a timid hapless man that won the Audience Award at SXSW Film Festival, Strangled, the Hungarian version of a murder mystery where a series of murders keep happening even after the killer is caught, Into the Forest, a creepy thriller about the fear and anxiety between a father and his two sons that is set in nature, Dearest Sister, a film about love, jealousy, and horror about two women from Laos, and Mon Mon Mon Monsters, a horrid monster killing film about the daily lives of boys that want to bring the world to an end.