Korean Fantastic: Features

Korean Fantastic: Features, a competition for Korean feature films, celebrates Korean genre cinema's present and future possibilities. Reflecting the aftermath of the changes brought about by the past four years and the challenges confronting the Korean film industry, both within and outside of Korea. It is unfortunate that this year's selection may not have showcased as many films that pushed the boundaries of genre experimentation or exuded extraordinary energy, as compared to the previous edition. However, despite their constraints, the selected 10 films managed to break through the limitations with their own distinctiveness, ideas, determination, and passion for creating compelling works, raising expectations for the birth of fresh talents who will shape the future of Korean cinema.

Director Ha Myung-mi's Her Hobby draws inspiration from Seo Miae's mystery novel, while IRON MASK explores the world of 'kendo,' intertwining intimate psychological portrayal with striking cinematography. Toxic Parents illustrates the deep wounds of a family trapped in the illusion of idealized 'motherhood.' Risk Society diagnoses the current state of Korean society on the brink of catastrophe, unfolding through the people around a casino in a coal mining village. 2035 and Immortal push the boundaries of the present to the limits, adopting fake documentary style facing the present with fictional histories or unresolved pasts. I Haven't Done Anything and Helpless offer unique insights into the online world, where even the real world has been drowned. Unknown Narrative: Skyrocket Junipers Under the Crescent and Abroad illustrate immersive stories that blur the line between dreams and fantasies or depict individuals lost in exotic destinations each showcased distinctive formats within various genres. These 10 works that reflect the current time and cross-sections of Korean society will compete for six categories of Korean Fantastic Film, Korean Fantastic Best Director, Nonghyup Distribution Award, Korean Fantastic Audience Award, and Korean Fantastic Actors.