TEZKA Macoto, Visualism

Let's set aside the fact that his father is known as the 'God of Manga' for a moment, as that is insufficient to describe Tezka Macoto, the 'visualist.'
After receiving praise from Oshima Nagisa at the 8mm Festival when he was 17, Tezka has been actively involved in various fields within the visual arts, including live-action and animation, participating in international film festivals. He has made groundbreaking contributions in almost every aspect of Japan's visual-related industries, including J-horror, rock musicals, V-cinema, high-definition documentaries, virtual pet software, video platform films/festivals, and collaboration with AI in manga production.

'Visualism' is a project that follows Tezka Macoto, the self-proclaimed descendant of Georges Méliès, as he pioneers a new style and grammar of the genre through a series of creative subversions. The master class presents a curation of five short films from the black, blue, and white sections of ‘Visualism’ exploring cultural geography, the visualization of the elements that make up the phenomenal world, and the crossing of boundaries in visual representation. It will be an opportunity to trace the trajectory of the master and witness BIFAN's identity as the festival of changes, forward-thinking, and Asian adaptation of Méliès’ legacy.