Mad MaxX

Mad MaxX introduces the newest works of genre masters from world cinema who unveil their depth and skillfulness.

The latest addition to the Bumirangit Universe franchise, the superhero series overseen by renowned Indonesian filmmaker Joko Anwar, is making its way to Bucheon. Upi Avianto's Sri Asih follows the journey of a martial arts girl who discovers her superhuman abilities. Another exciting film, Life of Mariko in Kabukicho, is an urban fable created by the collaboration of Uchida Eiji of Midnight Swan (2020) and Katayama Shinzo of Missing (2021), featuring a diverse ensemble of characters. Konaka Kazuya's Single 8 presents an autobiographical coming-of-age tale recounting his high school days of making short films with homemade analog special effects. His short film from his high school years, Turn Point 10:40, the inspiration for Single 8, has been restored and will be screened alongside his Master Class.

Rhinegold, directed by Fatih Akin, is a biopic that portrays the life of Xatar, a renowned German rapper, entrepreneur, and former convict. Akin's energetic direction and continued exploration of migration and European society shine through in this film. Smoking Causes Coughing, a quirky comedy by French filmmaker Quentin Dupieux, offers a unique and outlandish experience. Spanish genre master Álex de la Iglesia, made a triumphant return to Bucheon for the second consecutive year with his latest comedy Four's a Crowd. These two films exemplify the vibrant spirit and artistic mastery that BIFAN-style directors are known for.