Surprise Screening 2 Announcement


Surprise Screening 2 Announcement

[Surprise Screening 2] Penalty Loop
1007 | July 13 (SAT) 17:00 | Bucheon City Hall Main Theater | 12+ | 99min | GV

패널티 루프 포스터
  • Japan | 2023 | Korean Premiere
  • Director | Araki Shinji
  • Cast | Wakaba Ryuya, Iseya Yusuke, Yamashita Rio, Jin Dae-yeon

Jun had his beloved girlfriend, Yui, killed by a man of unknown identity, Mizoguchi. With a great sense of loss, Jun decides to take revenge on the murderer with his own hands. With a meticulous plan, he executes it perfectly... But when he wakes up the next morning, all the surroundings are the same as yesterday, and Mizoguchi, who he thought he has killed, is indeed alive. Jun then realizes the time has returned to the day before. Being bewildered by this fact, he repeats his revenge. However, no matter how many times he kills, the next morning never arrives, he just continues to avenge his lover's murderer each morning. But eventually, he finds out the truth behind this never ending loop and why Mizoguchi killed his girlfriend.

*GV(Guest Visit) will be held after the screening.
 GV Guest | Jin Dae-yeon (Actor)