B.I.G NAFF Announces the NAFF 2019 Official Selections2019.05.22|Hit 2831


B.I.G NAFF Announces the NAFF 2019 Official Selections

Thank you for your interest and support for the Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF) IT Project of BIFAN Industry Gathering (B.I.G), 23rd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN).
This year's B.I.G NAFF It project received 258 genre projects from 49 countries. Based on outstanding originality and high completeness, we have officially selected 30 of 21 countries.
The selected projects participate in B.I.G NAFF, which runs from June 30th to July 4th, and hold a one-on-one business meeting with movie producers and investors from all over the world. NAFF will help project participants have meaningful meetings that contribute to project completion.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the directors and producers who had submitted their precious projects.

B.I.G NAFF 2019 It Project Preliminaries Review

Since the 12th NAFF in 2019 received the largest submissions ever featuring 258 projects from 49 countries, the films were reviewed with tension and expectations. Last year, there were 103 submissions from Korea, accounting for about half of the total submissions. But this year, there were a lot more foreign projects, a total of 178 submissions.
In addition, there were many Korean films that aimed for co-production, reminding the jury members that NAFF has become the track of the global project market. In Asia, higher quality projects were submitted than before, and there were also films from Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East that had been hard to access. It was an incredibly difficult task for the jury members to select only 30 projects, but we did our best in the selection applying fair standards.  
By submitting projects to NAFF from places where filmmaking is not active and do not have much awareness of genre films, we have found that filmmakers all over the world are showing great interest in the Asian genre film market and appreciate its growth potential. To prove this, every year each region continues to submit new work, ranging from new directors and producers to senior directors and producers.
We hope that all the selected projects will meet good relationships and opportunities through NAFF and meet again at BIFAN with their finished work in a few years.
We would like to say thank you to the filmmakers who prepared the submitted projects, and congratulations to those who have been selected. Thank you.
Younghong "Brian" CHUNG (International Business Consultant for Film & TV),
Samuel Yeunju HA (CEO, Bound Entertainment),
Daehee Danny PARK (Producer, CEO, Iron Package),
SHIN Wonsun (Consultant, Hanmac Culture Group)
(in alphabetical order)

It Project 2019 Official Selections
NO Project Country Director Producer
1 31℃ Japan NINOMIYA Ken YASUSHI Utagawa
2 Nine Steps Spain Marisa Crespo ABRIL Moises Romera PEREZ Marisa Crespo ABRIL
3 The Beast from the Trees Singapore, Indonesia Rifyal GIFFARI Angelina Marilyn BOK
4 Dogcow Vietnam PHAN Linh Jenni TRANG-LE
5 Fingernail Israel Boaz ARMONI Yoav ROEH
6 HANA Singapore, Korea, Japan NAKANISHI Mai Eric KHOO, HUANG Junxiang, LEE Junsang
7 Hanging Island China, Korea SUN Yixi DENG Cilin
8 ILLICIT Korea, United States KANG Minji Luke SPEARS
9 Lay the Ghost Korea YU Eunjeong KIM Shinjae
10 Legends of the Raining Night 雨夜怪谈 China MIAO J YOUNG Zorro
11 The Breakup Virus The Philippines Fatrick TABADA Bianca BALBUENA
13 Sarah India Niketh ReDDY Mathivanan RAJENDRAN
14 The Shadows 殘影空間 Singapore, Hong Kong Glenn CHAN Carol THAM
15 Tiger Stripes Malaysia Amanda EU Fei Ling FOO
16 The Time that Remains The Philippines Adolfo ALIX Jr. Didier COSTET
17 A Transfer Student Korea NO Zinsoo Nozinsoo Film
18 Winter Peony and Mermaid Japan TANIMOTO Kaori FUKUSHIMA Kazutaka
19 Wong Tai Sin Assassination Hong Kong WONG Hoi Derek KWOK Tsz Kin

Project Spotlight Taiwan 2019 Official Selections
NO Project Country Director Producer
1 INCANTATION 咒 Taiwan Kevin KO Patrick Mao HUANG, Ivy SHEN
2 Leaving Virginity
Taiwan LIN Li Shu WU Dennis
3 Life for Sale 售命 Taiwan Tom TENG LIN Tien Kuei
4 The Lone Red 紅星孤旅 Taiwan YC Tom LEE CHANG Chin
5 The Medium: The Flaming Exorcist Sinner
Taiwan David CHANG Jade LEE, Webber CHENG, Philo WU

Nordic Genre Invasion 2019 Official Selections
NO Project Country Director Producer
1 Conductor Finland, USA Alex NOYER Hannu AUKIA, Alex NOYER
2 Ever Girls Sweden Andre HEDETOFT Nima YOUSEFI
3 Longevity Denmark Rasmus KLOSTER BRO Amalie LYNGBO QUIST
4 Snort and Splash Finland Teemu NIKKI Jani PÖSÖ

Blood Window 2019 Official Selection
NO Project Country Director Producer
1 Vurdalak Blood Argentina Santiago Fernandez CALVETE Roxana RAMOS

Sitges Pitchbox 2019 Official Selection
NO Project Country Director Producer
1 The Occupant Netherlands Hugo KEIJZER Maurice SCHUTTE