BIFAN2018 Winners


BIFAN2018 Winners

Bucheon Choice: Features

Best of Bucheon
Revenge (Directed by Coralie FARGEAT)

Best Director Choice 
Tigers are Not Afraid (Directed by Issa LÓPEZ)

Jury’s Choice
The Sacrament (Directed by IWAKIRI Isora)

Audience Award
Ghost Walk(Directed by YU Eun-jeong)

Korean Fantastic: Features
LG HiEntech Best Korean Fantastic Film
Land of Happiness (Directed by JUNG Min-kyu)

Korean Fantastic Best Actress
YE Su-jeong 
- Land of Happiness (Directed by JUNG Min-kyu)

Korean Fantastic Best Actor
KIM Yeong-ho
- Dogs in the House (Directed by SHIN Hae-gang)

Korean Fantastic Audience Award
Live Hard (Directed by HWANG Wook)

Bucheon Choice: Shorts
Best of Bucheon

Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre (Directed by Ilja RAUTSI)

Jury’s Choice for Short Film
Pan (Directed by SAKAMOTO Yugo, TSUJI Nagiko)

Audience Award for Short Film
RIP (Directed by Albert PINTÓ, Caye CASAS)

Korean Fantastic: Shorts
Best Korean Short Film 

The Favor (Directed by Jason Yu)

Audience Award for Korean Short Film 
The World of MiMi (Directed by YOON Dong-ki)

EFFFF Asian Award
One Cut of the Dead (Directed by UEDA Shinichiro) 
*Special Mention : The Blood of Wolves (Directed by SHIRAISHI Kazuya)

NETPAC Award (2 winners)
The Hungry Lion (Directed by OGATA Takaomi)
I’m Crazy (Directed by KUDO Masaaki) 

BIFAN Children’s Jury Award
Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms (Directed by OKADA Mari)