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B.I.G NAFF 2017 Fantastic Film School Instructors & Participants Finalized!

2017.06.02|Hit 2091

The Power of Asia’s Genre Film Industry,
Announcement of 2017 Fantastic Film School lecturers and participants!

8 lecturers including Mick GARRIS, the Master of Horror!

The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Festival Director: CHOI Yongbae, hereafter BIFAN) has announced this year’s guest lecturers of its Fantastic Film School (FFS) offered at the Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF), a key part of BIFAN’s film industry initiative, B.I.G (BIFAN Industry Gathering).
FFS is a comprehensive educational workshop and a networking program aimed at nurturing Asia’s newest genre filmmakers. FFS is consisting of a diverse portfolio of programs, ranging from lectures and workshops focused on all aspects of the film industry, to the master class and team pitching sessions. This program has a long history of collaboration with professionals in genre film from all over the world, with each year focusing on a different set of topics. FFS invites the leading global film professionals to have them share their invaluable expertise and offer advices to help participants further improve their projects and expand their global networks.
For the 2017 FFS, Mick GARRIS, an executive producer of <Unbroken> which is Angelina JOLIE’s first film as a director, and producer and director of <Masters of Horror> will have a master class based on his working experience with Steven King and a lot more. Other lecturers include Shaked BERENSON, co-founder of Epic Pictures Group and a famous genre film producer with perpetual filmography; Mitch MALLON who has over a decade of experience in the digital distribution arena alone and was a key player in the launch of one of the industry’s first digital content companies, Egami Media; Mike MACARI, a producer of numerous Hollywood hits including <The Ring> series and <The Invisible> among others; Anderson LE from director of programming for the Hawaii International Film Festival; Vincent NGO, who wrote the screenplay for <Hancock> and was the script doctor at Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions; Katherine LEE, Ivanhoe Pictures’ head of development and production and executive vice president of Asian film. Also, Tom DAVIA, founder and CEO of Cinemaven and producer will have a lecture about film distribution.
This year’s FFS will feature 24 up-and-coming filmmakers from 14 countries, who will work ardently together for 7 days, each gaining the invaluable opportunity to network with and to learn from the leading global film professionals in all sectors of the industry. The 2017 FFS will be held from July 13th to the 19th in Bucheon.

2017 Fantastic Film School Lecturers  
* In Alphabetical order by last name
Name Affiliation Career
- Co-founder of Epic Pictures Group
- Producer
- Producer of <Redcon-1>(2017), <Entertainment>(2015), <Turbo Kid>(2015) and etc.
- Board member of PGA and IFTA
- Founder and CEO of Cinemaven
- Producer
- Producer of <El Aprendiz>(2016), 
<Are We Not Cats>(2016), <La granja>(2015)

- Producer
- Director
- Writer

- Executive Producer of <Unbroken>(2014)
- Producer of whole series of <Masters of Horror>(2005) and etc.
Anderson LE
- Director of programming at Hawaii International Film Festival
- Producer at Old Photo Films 
- In-house producer at YOMYOMF 
- Producer of <Bitcoin Heist> (2016),
<Hollow> (2014) and etc. 
Katherine LEE - Head of Production & Development, Executive vice president of Asian film at Ivanhoe Pictures - Co-production, distribution and sales of <Dearest>(2014), <Dragon>(2011), <July Rhapsody>(2002) and etc.
- Partner at Koji Productions 
- Producer
- Producer of <Compulsion>(2016), 
<Six Souls>(2010), <The Ring>(2002), and etc.
Mitch MALLON - Founder and CEO of Stadium Media - Previous senior manager at Rhino Entertainment, 
Warner Music Group, and Image Entertainment
Vincent NGO
- President & Founder at Early Risers Films 
- Screenwriter 
- Producer
- Screenwriter of <Hancock>(2008)
- Pre-production scenario doctor for Ridley Scott
 and Tony Scott
- Executive Producer of <Fearless>(2004)

2017 Fantastic Film School Participants
* In Alphabetical order by nationality
Name Nationality
Yana LEKARSKA Bulgaria
Francois CHANG China
Prateek SRIVASTAVA India
Nugroho SISWANTARO Indonesia
Komeil SOHEIL Iran
Gahyun KIM Korea / Mongolia
Hyunil KIM Korea
Nadira ILANA Malaysia
Azharr RUDIN Malaysia
David CORPUZ The Philippines
Martika ESCOBAR The Philippines
Pamela L. REYES The Philippines
Ying-Sheng GO Singapore
Carol THAM Singapore
Kai-chih CHANG Taiwan
Henry TSAI Taiwan
Dan Chi HUANG Taiwan
Hien TRAN Vietnam
Trang DAO Vietnam
Ying-kuen HO Hong Kong
Ivan Jun Yin Rene LAM Hong Kong
Kwok-wai LEE Hong Kong
Shun Shing Vincent YIP Hong Kong