Best of Asia

Best of Asia is a program that screens the movies from “Made In Asia,” a film industry program of BIFAN. It is connected to Made In Asia program, which seeks to diagnose the Asian mainstream film industry and strengthen the network of the Asian film industry. Best of Asia introduces the best movies from 11 Asian countries, namely Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and India by taking into consideration the overall preferences and trends of the Asian mainstream films of the previous years. The films worth noting in this year’s BIFAN are Korea’s most popular movie in 2017 Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds, China’s top box office hit Wolf Warriors II by Director Wu Jing, Satan's Slavers, an Indonesian movie completed with Korean investment to reach number one on its domestic box office, and a hero movie Mersal, a No. 1 Tamil box-office champion from 2017.