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The Tag-Along 2

  • 악령
  • 가족

Taiwan|2017|107min |

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313 7/15  10:30 CGV Sopoong 3 15
313 7/15  10:30CGV Sopoong 3

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A mother goes in search of her missing teenage daughter after her sudden disappearance. She is told that her daughter was last seen in the company of a girl in red, leading the mother to attempt to unravel the mystery behind the girl.

Program Note

The Tag-Along 2 is a sequel to the Taiwanese movie The Tag-Along 1 (2015), directed by Cheng Wei-hao and was nominated as the It Project in BIFAN. The first film was both successful in performance and among critics. The theme is based on the ancient Chinese book,「Classic of Mountains and Seas」and the motive of the film comes from the story of ‘the evil spirit’ which uses human desire or weakness to possess people and make them disappear. It features a Taiwanese urban legend about a red-dressed girl. The result was a success thanks to the performance of the cast. The movie begins with the disappearance of illegal logging immigrants in the mountains waking up a sealed evil spirit by accident. A single mother  and a social worker Li Shu-fen, receives a report of a child being abused and saves a young girl from a suspicious house. Meanwhile, she forces her teenage pregnant daughter to have an abortion, which she desperately refuses and goes missing in the mountains. The search operation, which was conducted on the mountain to find her daughter trapped in the world of demons ends up finding another women named Shen, a pregnant woman who had been previously missing. And as they continue to look for Li Shu-fen’s missing daughter, the hidden identity of the girl in red clothes is revealed... (PARK Sung-ho)


정위호 (程偉豪)

CHENG Wei-hao

Born in 1986. Cheng Wei-hao’s first short film You Are Not Alone (2008), won several awards. Moreover, his second short film Real Sniper (2010) was chosen by Taipei Film Festival and the juries gave him comments that he would be the next Edward Yang.


Tseng Han Hsien

Chien Shih Keng

Chen Chi Wen

Shieh Meng Ju

Rockid Lee

Production Design
Kuo Yi-Chun

Rainie Yang, Hsu Wei-ning, Francesca Kao


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