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Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back

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Hong Kong, China|2017|109min |Korean Premiere |

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138 7/13  12:30 CGV Bucheon 5 15
138 7/13  12:30CGV Bucheon 5

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After killing Miss Duan in Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, Monkey King is now tamed by Tang Sanzang and has become one of his disciples. Tang continues his journey to the West with Monkey King, Sandy and Pigsy.

Program Note

As a sequel to Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, the film uses unique and creative CGs and comedy with Stephen Chow writing the script and producing. Unlike the previous one where he directed himself, director Tsui Hark held the megaphone, and Chinese stars Lin Gengxin and Kris Wu played the main roles. The film released during the spring season of 2017. Sony Entertainment bought the distribution rights of many countries to release in other countries besides China, but most of the ticket sales of US$ 250 million came from the Chinese audience. Monk Tang who has a pure heart like a child is dopy. He goes on a difficult journey together with his three disciples, including Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy, to find Buddhist scriptures from the countries bordering on Western China. Finally, they arrive in India to get the scriptures and receive congratulations from the teacher, but it was all a dream. In reality, they don’t even have the travel expenses to go on a journey with quick-tempered Monkey, easily tempted Pigsy, and sloppy one Sandy. Spider Monster and Red Boy that come after them with their identities hidden put them in danger. After many twists and turns, Monkey leads and help them escape from danger. However, Monk Tang keeps scolding the reckless Monkey, and Monkey’s discontent towards Monk Tang also grows for not believing in him completely. (PARK Sung-ho)


서극 (徐克)


Tsui Hark, a Chinese filmmaker was born in 1950 in Vietnam. Tsui has produced & also directed several influential Hong Kong films such as A Better Tomorrow (1986) A Chinese Ghost Story (1987), Once Upon a Time in China (1991). He is viewed as a major figure in the Golden Age of Hong Kong cinema and has been regarded by critics as one of the masters of Asian cinematography.


Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow

Choi Sung Fai

Tsui Hark, Li Lin, Jason Zen

Raymond Wong

Production Design
Akatsuka Yoshihito

Kris Wu, Lin Gengxin, Yao Chen

Plan Power Investments Ltd.

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