Special Screening to Celebrate INDIESTORY

This year’s BIFAN organizes a small event to celebrate 20 years of INDIESTORY, which has held a long-standing position as the hub of production and distribution of independent films. Back in the days when there were few opportunities to screen independent movies, INDIESTORY would contemplate on various ways to show the movies, including film festivals and theaters. It even moved forward to the production of new independent films, thereby creating a venue to bring them with the audience closer. It has not stopped running for the past two decades. Now, we would like to take this opportunity to look back on its past and accomplishments with its major works.
Under the theme of “Just Turned 20! Fantastic at Full Speed”, this special screening presents genre films that show a long relationship between INDIESTORY and BIFAN, namely My Neighbor Zombie, the winner of Jury’s Choice and Prugio Citizen’s Choice and Turn It Up to 11, the winner of Fujifilm Eterna Award at BIFAN2009 in 2009. Moreover, five “very BIFAN-ish” feature films that embody diversified attempts of the genre of indie cinema revisit the audience, including Written, the second feature by Director KIM Byung-woo, who made BIFAN2013’s closing film The Terror, LIVE
Furthermore, a number of intense short films full of personality are to be screened, from the short films by well-established directors who are active in the Korean movie scene.
This special screening will not only be full of fantastic films, ranging from feature, to medium-length and to short films, but also hold a variety of events, including dialogues with directors discovered by INDIESTORY and an exhibition. The company just turned 20 years old, and it is running at full speed dreaming of being the best in production and distribution of independent films. This special screening will be a great opportunity to see their past as well as the last 20 years of Korean indie cinema.