Forbidden Zone

A section that exemplifies what true hardcore fans of BIFAN are after, Forbidden Zone introduces the films that challenge the audience’s senses to the maximum limit. Every July, the faithful manias from all over the world gather in masses to witness the most vulgar, offensive, gory and challenging titles of the year. This year is no exception as BIFAN presents seven films that will entices and tests the endurance level of those in attendance.
Brawl in Cell Block 99 introduces us the new side of Vince VAUGHN as an ex-boxer unleashing the furors over those involved in the kidnapping of his pregnant wife, while being incarcerated inside maximum security prison. Panos COSMATOS’ Mandy unfolds the tale of ultra-violent revenge with outrageous sequences that needs to be seen to believe. This film also signals a triumphant return of Nicolas CAGE in his most manic role in recent times. Garbage from India’s director Q deals with a woman victim of a revenge porn kidnapping and torturing a man responsible for holding a woman as a slave. Dynamite Graffiti from Japan is a film adaptation of a colorful life of the editor responsible for the booming popularity of pornographic magazines in the 70s Japan. Caniba is a graphic documentary on Issei SAGAWA, a man who in 1981 killed his Dutch classmate and cannibalized her body while studying abroad in Sorbonne, Paris.
Knife + Heart, in competition at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, is a story of a gay porn producer who makes a controversial film Homocide after being inspired by a series of murders of porn stars by an unknown serial killer and makes, starring Vanessa Paradis as the gay porn producer. It is a combination of everything non-mainstream, including the aesthetics of the camp horrors in the 1970s, slasher and giallo, and its soundtrack by M83 is truly appealing. The Misandrists is a provocative film portraying an all-female school out to destroy the patriarchy and create a new female-led ruling order. Things become unclear when a handsome, radical leftist male crashes injured.