Forbidden Zone


  • 누드
  • 식인
  • 시체애호
  • 싸이코패스

France|2017|90min |Korean Premiere |

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In 1981, A Japanese man studying in France eats the body, having murdered a German woman. He is acquitted and released to Japan, where his murder brings him fame and celebrity. Unfortunately, this is a true story.

Program Note

Caniba examines the current life of Sagawa Issei, notorious for the crime he committed in 1981 by murdering a female student in Paris while studying there himself and devouring some of her body parts, yet was never legally punished except for spending a few years in a psychiatric hospital. After enjoying a life as a popular writer and celebrity through his self-written book detailing the bizarre crime, he now lives as a sick old man in his sixties who is taken care of by his younger brother, Sagawa Jun. Except for a few scenes (the brief background history in subtitles at the beginning of the film, the home videos of the two brothers as children, the porn films Issei appears in etc.), Caniba is mostly an ‘close up’ of the two brothers. To be more specific, it is a minutely shaking close up that focuses out once in a while as it constantly remains on the brothers . These close ups accompanied by elaborately weaved in sounds(the brothers’ voices, the sounds of Issei eating, the different kinds of sounds coming from outside of the house etc.) transform the psychological vertigo one cannot help but feel from such eccentric and mysterious life into a audio-visually experience. (BYUN Sung-chan)


베레나 파라벨 / 뤼시앵 캐스탕 테일러


Verena Parvel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor collaborate as filmmakers in the Sensory Ethnography Lab. Their film Leviathan (2012) was released theatrically in 2013, and won the FIPRESCI(International Film Critics) Award of Locarno Film Festival, the Michael Powell Award of the Edinburgh Film Festival.


Valentina Novati, Verena Paravel

Verena Paravel, Lucien Castaing-Taylor

Verena Paravel, Lucien Castaing-Taylor

Sagawa Issei, Sagawa Jun

Elle Driver

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