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Dynamite Graffiti

  • 섹스
  • 누드
  • 미녀
  • 로맨스

Japan|2018|138min |Korean Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
303 7/15  14:00 Bucheon City Hall, Main Theater(2F) 15 GV
439 7/16  16:30 CGV Bucheon 6 15 GV
716 7/19  16:00 CGV Sopoong 4 15
303 7/15  14:00Bucheon City Hall, Main Theater(2F)
15  GV
439 7/16  16:30CGV Bucheon 6
15  GV
716 7/19  16:00CGV Sopoong 4

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Dynamite Graffiti tells the story of Suei Akira, the legendary editor responsible for the Japanese porn magazine boom of the 1970s. His mother committed suicide by blowing herself up with a man who, it turns out, was actually not a man. After graduating from high school, Akira goes to Tokyo, where he discovers the sex industry.

Program Note

There was a fad of Japanese porn magazines in the 1970s of Japan. This movie dramatized the life story of Suei Akira, an editor who made the extremely popular magazines such as 「New Self」 or 「Weekend Super」. Suei’s life may have been destined at the early stage - when his mother and a man next doors, whom she was having an affair with, killed themselves through dynamite. Suei moves to the city and works in a factory when he became interested in design, and as he works on things such as making cabaret’s signs, he enters the periodical field. He reached the peak of his career as he made Japanese porn magazines. Dynamite Graffiti colorfully depicts the scenes of entertainment districts during the roaring 1970s. It shows the Japanese society on the verge of rolling on to a massive bubble using the keyword, ‘Japanese porn magazines.’ It was an era in which everyone was wandering around being high on extravagance, or was obsessed with eroticism because they were lost. Suei’s life seems cool but on the other side it is empty, and Suei knows it. However, once on the railway, one has to throw something away to get out. For someone it is life, and for others, spirit. Dynamites will be needed then. (KIM Bong-seok)


토미나가 마사노리


Born in 1975, he presented his graduation production piece with Dolmen (2000), and won the Honorary Mention of the International Jury at the Short Film Festival Oberhausen in 2000. He made his commercial film debut with The Pavilion Salamandre (2006). His filmography includes The Echo of Astro Boy’s Footsteps (2010), Vengeance Can Wait (2010) and Pumpkin and Mayonnaise (2017).


Nishikawa Asako, Nishigaya Toshikazu

Tominaga Masanori, Suei Akira

Author of the Original Work
Suei Akira

Tsukinaga Yuta

Tamaki Genta

Ono Machiko, Suei Akira

Production Design
Kitaoka Yasuhiro, Susaka Fumiaki

Emoto Tasuku, Maeda Atsuko, Miura Toko

Nikkatsu Corporation

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starempty_starempty_star  6.78