Family Zone

​Family Zone consists of fantastic films for families with children and teenagers, who will be the audience of the future, to watch together. A Group of Children Jury composed of children from the Bucheon area chosen through a selection process will choose the best film among those screened in Family Zone as the winner of the BIFAN Children’s Jury Award.
Diverse family films and films for children will be screened, including Legend of the Demon Cat, a Chinese film with the creativity of elaborate Asian fantasy, Young Detectives, an intriguing Mongolian film about a mystery game that takes place at summer camp, and Supa Modo, a Kenyan film about a lively young girl and avid movie fan named Jo who has terminal cancer and how her mother, sister, and the entire villager rally to help her, and The Journey of the 12 Cats, a Korean film about the connection between cats and their caregiver featuring actress SEON Wu-seon, who is known as a cat mom, and her 12 cats.
There are also various animations. Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms from Japan is the touching coming-of-age story about a girl who lives for infinity while Marnie’s World is an action-packed animation featuring Marnie, the smart cat, who works with a dog, a donkey, and a rooster to fight crime. Zooks, which utilizes rotoscoping, is a fantastic fairy tale about Mother Nature and human beings.