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The Journey of the 12 Cats

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Korea|2018|70min |World Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
151 7/13  20:30 Songnae Solan Art Hall G
350 7/15  15:00 CGV Bucheon 6 G GV
624 7/18  17:00 CGV Sopoong 6 G GV
151 7/13  20:30Songnae Solan Art Hall
350 7/15  15:00CGV Bucheon 6
624 7/18  17:00CGV Sopoong 6

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Actress Sunwoo Sun is a cat mom who lives with 12 cats. All 12 cats are full of their personalities, but their mom always cares about the health of the oldest cat. A warm story about cat mom and her cats who live as a family by chance.

Program Note

There are 12 cats living in the house. Excluding a 15 years old grandfather cat ‘Healthy’, ‘Happy’ ranking number one by himself and others introduced their days, which is peaceful as always. However, one day, a once-in-a-lifetime event that changed their peaceful life occurred, because mother decided to go away on a family trip altogether. The cats were trembling from the thought of leaving their familiar home to go to an unknown location. Unlike their concerns, the trip turned out to be a happy one. Above all, they spent valuable time together as a family. Sun U-seon, an actress well known as a cat mom of 12 cats, introduced the everyday life of her cats in The Journey of the 12 Cats, which comforts the audience by showing how they met as a family by chance and lived together. Others are not aware, but they also have their own pain and sorrow, but they became valuable to one another because of having gone through those difficult times. Even though they don’t speak the same language, mother and cats learned to understand one another, which is no different from how our own family looks like. The film uniquely interchanges the real world and play and reality and fantasy, while the warm colors used were also impressive. What more do you need when you have 12 cats roaming around the screen being all chic and charming. Even if you are the world’s most indifferent person, or even if you are allergic to cats, you cannot help but ask yourself, ‘How come I am the only one without a cat?’ (MO Eun-young)



PARK Beom-jun

After graduating from the Korea National University of Arts, Park Beom-jun worked as a producer at a broadcasting station. He has worked in the camera shooting department for several movies. Recently, he has directed many music videos, commercials and participated as video director of Kim Yuna’s ice show.


Lee Kyung-hwan

Yoo So-won, Choi Je-nam, Kim Hee-jin

Park Se-seung, Lim Jun-woo

Lee Do-hyun, John Kim

Rho Hyoung-woo

Production Design
Park ji-seon

Sun U-seon, Nam Ji-woo, Lee Sae-byeol

Park Beom-jun

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