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Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

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Japan|2018|115min |Korean Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
207 7/14  10:30 Korea Manhwa Museum 12
606 7/18  11:00 Korea Manhwa Museum 12
207 7/14  10:30Korea Manhwa Museum
606 7/18  11:00Korea Manhwa Museum

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Maquia is from a royal family in which all the members stop aging in their mid teens. Wandering alone in the forest, she finds Erial, a baby boy who has lost his parents. The story follows the changing relationship between this immortal girl and a normal boy.

Program Note

There are certain imaginations which are only possible through animation. The figures the movie deals with seem to be enviable at first glance. They do not die, nor they grow old; they live forever with the face of youth. However, ironically, this becomes a curse for this race. Normal people will never leave their extraordinary blood untouched. The ordinary desire of living forever destroys the special beings’ community. While this movie reports human’s greed, the values it embraces are love, farewell, and loneliness. As Maquia, a woman who miraculously survived from the destroyed community, looks after an abandoned baby of normal people named Ariel, the movie questions about ‘relationship.’ Although Maquia recovered the meaning of life from Ariel’s smile, Maquia’s smile bears gloom in it. She is well aware of the fact that Ariel will die before her someday. Because of immortality, she has to cope with the end of the relationship alone and forever. Love toward someone is at the same time a sheer loneliness. The question which is thrown by the universe of fantasy drawn onto a romantic canvas is quite poignant: upon the immense gap between infinite and finite time, and upon absolute parting, is there anything that can be promised? (PARK Woo-sung)


오카다 마리


Born in 1976, from Saitama Prefecture, Okada Mari made her debut as a script writer at a video cinema in 1996, and later worked based on comic books, games, and radio dramas. She was in charge of animation scripts for DT Eitron (1998) which was aired on Fuji TV, and was in charge of configuration and scripts in a number of hit animation series.


Endo Naoko, Horikawa Kenji

Okada Mari

Namiki Satoshi

Takahashi Ayumu

Kawai Kenji

Production Design
Higashiji Kazuki, Okada Tomoaki

Iwami Manaka, Irino Miyu, Kayano Ai

Hakuhodo DY music & pictures Inc.

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starempty_starempty_star  6.80