2020 Selection

1 Project All About Subin
Director SONG Hyunseok
Producer KOH Kyeongran
Country Korea
2 Project Seoul Horror Story
Director KIM Hyunjin
Producer LEE Cheolmin
Country Korea
3 Project The Ghost
Director LIM Kyungho
Producer LEE Minho
Country Korea
4 Project Historical Verification
Director LEE Minseob
Producer MOON Jeankyung
Country Korea
5 Project The Housemaid
Director CHOI Eun
Producer PARK Doohee, LIM Jiyoung
Country Korea
6 Project My Secret Friend
Director KIM Eunkyoung
Producer Stanley KWAK
Country Korea
7 Project Satanee
Director SON Seungwoong
Producer KIM Heeyoung
Country Korea
8 Project Seire
Director PARK Kang
Producer RHEE Yoonjoo
Country Korea
9 Project The Vampyre: A New Life
Director JANG Kunjae
Producer YOUN Heeyoung
Country Korea
10 Project Vengeance Is Ours
Director Jude JUNG
Producer Jenny KIM
Country Korea
11 Project White Blue Moon
Director YUN Jaeyeon
Producer JEON Youngmoon
Country Korea