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Soul Searching

Soul Searching

Country Cambodia
Director Sokyou CHEA
Producer Rithea PHICHITH
Writer Sokyou CHEA
Production Company Black Croc Productions
Format DCP | Color | 100min
Genre Comedy, Horror


A psychic man, Visal, feels cursed by his innate ability to see and hear ghosts. He struggles to cope with his ‘gift’ which so far has brought him nothing but misfortunes. Visal is urgently in need of money, so he reluctantly agrees to get paid to help a rich old neighbor, friend, Sathya, to ‘chase away’ a ghost that’s been following Sathya. It’s a female ghost who has no previous memory. She’s stuck in the living world and will not be able to move on unless she settles her ‘unfinished business’. Not wanting to be haunted by the amnesiac ghost, and eventually genuinely wanting to help her, Visal and the Female Ghost join forces with a Policeman Ghost to find out why and how she dies. They find out from a Traffic Light Ghost that she was robbed, crashed her bike and died. After much effort, they find the robber. However, the robber reveals that he is hired by an unknown person who wanted her killed and to make it look like an accident. Before they could find out any further, the robber is shot and killed by a mysterious gunman. 

Eventually, they find out that the culprit behind it is her psychopath ex-boyfriend who turns out to be Sathya. By then, Visal is already captured and about to be killed by Sathya and his accomplices. With the help of other ghosts, Visal fights for his life. Sathya crashes his bike during a ghost chase and dies. He is instantly dragged to hell by dark spirits. Both the Female Ghost and the Policeman Ghost are free to move on to the next life. Visal becomes at peace with the presence of ghosts. Moreover, he learns to utilize his psychic ability to his advantage and to help people around him.


Sokyou CHEA
Sokyou completed her BSc in Physics at the University of Manchester, UK, before returning to her native Cambodia in 2013, where she set about educating herself in film and theatre. Her debut Cambodian language short film The Ride made it all the way to the finals of Tropfest SEA 2015, and since then she has worked on a variety of personal and commercial projects for government, private and non-governmental organizations, both on screen and stage - she has a passion for screenwriting, directing and acting as well as the newly re-emerging theatre scene in Cambodia. Sokyou has participated in numerous workshops and events in the Cambodian Film Commission, studying directing, screenwriting, cinematography and producing, and well as volunteering with the Cambodia International Film Festival. Sokyou brings together a diverse, talented and experienced young team to work on their first collaborative feature film – Soul Searching.


Rithea has worked in the film industry since 2009 as he switched from his medical studies, to pursue his desire in arts and storytelling. Ever since, his roles have varied from assistant director, camera operator, editor, casting director, director to producer on various scales of productions. Those projects had him as co-producer in Kon Khmer Koun Khmer film collective’s Pram Ang(2014-2016), casting director for small roles and extras in Regis WARNIER’s The Gate(2014), and associate producer in Angelina Jolie’s First They Killed My Father(2016). He went on to produce and direct TV commercials, documentaries and fictions for local production companies.

Production Company

Black Croc Productions
Black Croc Productions is a newly-founded Cambodian production start-up. It aims to create quality films that resonate with both local and international film fans. Black Croc Productions believes in story-driven films; no gimmicks, just juicy, meaty, tantalizing stories that carry the audience along for the ride. Black Croc Productions brings together young, talented, local filmmakers, and strives to create an authentic, compelling film experience.