JUNG Woo-sung: The Star, the Actor, the Artist

He has been the star and the symbol of eternal youth from the moment he made his first appearance. His heavenly looks have always shined in the center of the screen but his beautiful yet sad eyes, filled with loneliness that cannot go with the mainstream cinema by nature, have touched the audience’s emotions. From the beginning, JUNG Woo-sung has been the very “youth” that everybody in the Korean movie scene has dreamt of, and been literally like “the star in the Heavens.” However, he stepped out of such a prejudiced image of his, which seemed too persistent to break, and began speaking to the world in his own voice.
Following last year’s special program featuring actress JEON Do-yeon, this year’s BIFAN presents the cinematic world of JUNG Woo-sung. This is the second edition of its series that brings the actors of our time who have established themselves as the most important artists who have grown with Korean cinema. From the brightest start to the actor who becomes the movie character himself and overwhelms the audience, JUNG Woo-sung builds his career as an artist while walking side by side with the world, and exercising good influence on the world. This special program presents twelve major titles starring JUNG Woo-sung, including Phantom the Submarine, Mutt Boy, Beat, City of the Rising Sun, Cold Eyes, Asura: The City of Madness and Steel Rain.
The audience will encounter numerous moments of his changes, where he has always tried to be fresh in different films of various genres, and the brightest moments of Korean cinema built through him. In addition to the screening, a number of events are expected to take place, such as a dialogue with the audience, the commemorative booklet to which best Korean critics participated, a press conference and an exhibition, to name a few. At this year’s BIFAN, you will see a variety of charms of JUNG Woo-sung, the artist of our time who has never been busier in and outside of the movie scene.