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Phantom, The Submarine

  • 밀실
  • 미남
  • 액션

Korea|1999|103min |

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410 7/16  20:00 Korea Manhwa Museum 12
410 7/16  20:00Korea Manhwa Museum

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A man wakes up in the first Korean nuclear submarine, Phantom. He doesn’t know where or what the submarine is, or where it is headed. He has to confront 'No. 202' to find out the truth.

Program Note

Navy elite officer Lee Chan-suk (Jung Woo-sung) kills his senior officer during training, being put on trial and executed. When Lee opens his eyes again, he realizes that he is still alive. And he is forced by an officer named Choi Min-soo to join a nuclear submarine named ‘Ghost’ or die. Without an escape, Lee Chan-suk decided to ride the ‘Ghost’ and has since been called 431. Ghost is a nuclear submarine acquired by the Korean government against Japan’s nuclear submarine, a top secret project  designed to check political intervention by the United States, China and Russia. All those on the ‘Ghost’ are already considered dead, but they are like ‘ghosts’ that do not exist. Even 202 leads the in-submarine rebellion and 431 tries to stop it. Phantom, The Submarine is a Korean blockbuster thriller that was produced by Uno Film with a cost of 2 billion won. Hong Kyeong-pyo, cinematographer, has drawn attention for picturing the deep sea and gigantic nuclear submarine. Bong Joon-ho, Jang Joon-hwan and Kim Jonghoon are co-writers of the script. (JEONG Ji-hye)



MIN Byung-cheon

Born in 1968, Seoul. After graduating at Hongik University, he developed expertise in special effects while working on producing music videos and broadcasting materials for many years. He won the Best Director Award at the 2000 Daejong Film Awards with Phantom, The Submarine (1999). He is currently co-president of animation studio Olive Studio.


Tcha Sung-jai

Bong Joon-ho, Jang Joon-hwan, Kim Jong-hoon

Hong Kyeong-pyo

Ko Lim-pyo

Lee Dong-joon

Production Design
Hwang In-joon

Jung Woo-sung, Choi Min-soo, Yoon Joo-sang

Korea Image Investment Development Co.

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