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Family Zone

Family Zone, consisting of fantastic movies that children and adolescents can watch with their familes, is a revived section from the 20th year of BIFAN, as the program sections were reconstructed. This year, specific theaters will be designated as family-exclusive theaters, and by offering discounts on the tickets to the family section, families will be able to comfortably enjoy movies. Continuing on from last year, a Children's Jury, which consists of children from the Bucheon region, will award the BIFAN Children's Jury Award to the most outstanding film among the Family Zone films by their direct popular vote.
Films including Owls & Mice, a family Musical; Oddsockeaters, a fantasy animation telling a story about little creatures eating socks being the cause of lost socks; The Legend of Timm Thyler or The Boy Who Sold His Laughter, a film about a boy who sold his laughter for living; and Storm Letters of Fire, an adventure of a boy named Storm to save his father, will be featured to attract the hearts of young audiences. 
Accidental Family, a family movie directed by and starring Gerard JUGNOT, a famous French actor and director, as well as My Uncle by YAMASHITA Nobuhiro, which shows a model adult of the 21st century, would appeal to both children and adult audiences, making them laugh and cry throughout the showing.