The Women Who Leapt Through Time: The Representation of Women in Sci-Fi Films

This is the second series of exploration into the representation of women in genre films. Following “Terrible Women: Monsters and Villainess”, the topic this time is The Representation of Women in Sci-fi Films. Let’s meet up with Utopian women who have the ability to preserve a species on their own, dystopian women who have become the perfect slave, and Amazon warriors that charge through the world of chaos.
Sexmission is a Polish sci-fi film from the eighties that gives you an idea of the perception of gender in Eastern Europe under socialism while The Stepford Wives portrays ‘the ideal’ woman who has become a slave in a future society. Alien provides text in which to see the fear toward monstrous feminine and the image of a heroine while Mad Max: Fury Road Black and Chrome shows a treacherous heroine at full speed, and discovering the reversal of the protagonist and the antagonist in White Chamber would be quite interesting.