The Women Who Leapt Through Time: The Representation of Women in Sci-Fi Films


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Poland|1984|116min |

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It is a black comedy with a lot of cult fans, and a problematic work that ridicules both patriarchal sexism and feminism. In 1991 Maks and Albert volunteered for the first human hibernation experiment. The promised hibernation period is three years. But they opened their eyes in 2044, 53 years later. In the meantime, through the nuclear war, the men are exterminated and only the women survive and build the Amazon underground. In this world, women are unisexual reproductive and sexual desire is strictly controlled. The two men who can not judge the situation tend to show off their maleness and explain the usefulness of men without disturbing all kinds of sexual discrimination, but in the world where women make a living well, they are only guinea pigs in the laboratory. Women try to cast off Maks and Albert, and they struggle to escape this ‘life’s greatest crisis.’ After watching this film, one question remains. What is the world of women only? Is it the place of heterosexual fascists as in Sexmission, or the world of lesbians full of power and love as in Wonder Woman? Or will there be a space that can imagine a whole new gender beyond the heterosexual dual gender system? It is something to think about. (Jay SOHN)


율리우즈 마슐스키


Born in 1955 in Olsztyn, Poland, Juliusz Machulski is the son of actor Jan Maschsky. After graduating from the Lodz Film Academy, he made his debut in Vabank (1981). He worked as a screenwriter, director and producer in countless works of the 80s and 90s in his homeland Poland and enjoyed experimenting in genre films.


Producer Juliusz Machulski
Screenplay Juliusz Machulski
Cinematographer Jerzy Łukaszewicz
Editor Henryk Kuźniak
Music Miroslawa Garlicka
Production Design Janusz Sosnowski
Cast Jerzy Stuhr, Olgierd Łukaszewicz, Bożena Stryjkówna
Sales Film Studio KADR

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starfull_star  10.00

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