Bucheon Choice: Features

The selection criteria are the views subverting the values and the talents creating new styles. An effort has been made to find the movies that are based on an independent production system in this industry dominated by commercial films, and that challenge the conventional genre conventions, and as a result, 12 feature films from 11 countries have been selected for the competition.
The most outstanding point of this year’s Bucheon Choice is an amazing advance of female directors. Among selected titles, Revenge, a debut by French director Coralie FARGEAT, shows a gnarly action of delightful vengeance against the men who try to cover up a sexual violence crime. Also, A Vigilante starring Olivia Wilde is a film featuring a woman retaliating against domestic violence while Tigers Are Not Afraid depicts a beautiful sad story of children fighting for their survival in Mexico City, a city torn apart by the war on drugs. Moreover, Tower, A Bright Day by a new Polish director Jagoda SZELC showing a cold and mysterious study of human and Sad Beauty, a brutal crime film by actress Bongkod BENCHARONGKUL, which is also her debut film as a director, will be screened in Bucheon.
Director YU Eun-jeong’s feature debut Ghost Walk will be premiered at BIFAN for the first time in the world, which is a horror and mystery masterwork depicting a woman who gets caught up in an unfortunate incident and became a ghost to go back in time to try to find the reason of her death.
Among the movies from Britain and the U.S., The Dark deals with a subtle relationship between a sensitive teenager goul cast out from society and the victim who has become a blind, while Beast  is a heartbreaking and fierce love story between an insecure woman who grew up in an oppressive bourgeois family and a mysterious man who is new to the town.
Two Japanese movies are included in the competition: The Limit of Sleeping Beauty, which presents surreal depiction of the desire and despair of the young generation, and The Sacrament, which has an outstanding sense of image of the 21st century, including YouTube, Tokusatsu and light novel. Respeto, which is about how the children in the ghetto of Manila grow through hip hop, featuring rap battles in the Philippines, is a representation of diversifying genre cinema in the Philippines.