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Official Poster

The concept for this year's official poster features a symbol that is a three-dimensional embodiment of last year's newly made-over festival symbol, the 'Cell of Fantasy', which has been updated to be a more approachable and engaging version of its predecessor. The three-dimensional Cell of Fantasy has been named 'Three-Dimensional Cell of Fantasy'. The pink hued 'Three-Dimensional Cell of Fantasy' contrasted against the mysterious green forest in the poster's background symbolizes the spirit of BIFAN's midsummer festivities and gives off a feeling that is both captivating and refreshing. Appearing in a dreamy forest while bathed in radiant sunlight, the 'Three-Dimensional Cell of Fantasy' exemplifies BIFAN's theme of Love, Fantasy and Adventure.

Sub Posters

The sub posters unveiled various aspects and characteristics of the 'Three-Dimensional Cell of Fantasy' that were not revealed in the official poster. The animated 'Three-Dimensional Cell of Fantasy' appears as if it is brimming with curiosity as it observes its surroundings while standing tall, while it bashfully hides away in the forest, and as it emerges mysteriously between the trees. The variety of poses featured in the sub posters express BIFAN's theme of Love, Fantasy and Adventure in a more delightful and dynamic manner.

Designed by: Design Studio PROPAGANDA