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Official Posters

  • 제 22회 부천 국제 영화제 포스터
  • 제 22회 부천 국제 영화제 포스터
  • 제 22회 부천 국제 영화제 포스터
  • 제 22회 부천 국제 영화제 포스터

The horror genre was the concept for this year's four official posters.
The transformed image of BIFAN's symbol, the Cell of Fantasy, was metaphorically derived from the character of Freddy
Krueger from Wes CRAVEN's A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).
The thick fog and dreamlike lighting effects intensify the surreal atmosphere of fluctuating between dreams and reality,
and the visuals create a sense of anticipation by capturing BIFAN's theme of love, fantasy, and adventure.

By doing this, the identity of BIFAN is shown in a straightforward manner while the consistent appearance of the
Cell of Fantasy as the main character in the posters tells a story. When you see the various images of the Cell of Fantasy shown
along with an ominous background that is reminiscent of Elm Street, it feels as if you're watching a movie.

  • Poster Design: Design Studio PROPAGANDA
  • Figure: Figure artist Kiddo
  • Set design: Set stylists All of Them
  • Photography: Photographer LEE Seung-hui