Gorgeous, Charming, Dangerous, KIM Hye Soo

DATE2019.05.20Hit 999

The 23rd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Presents:
Gorgeous, Charming, Dangerous, KIM Hye Soo

The 23rd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Festival Director SHIN Chul, hereafter BIFAN) will be holding a special program that shines a spotlight on actress KIM Hye Soo.

Since 2017, BIFAN has organized special programs that examined the current state of Korean cinema by taking an in-depth look at actors such as JEON Do-yeon and JUNG Woo-sung, who made the Korean film industry what it is today. This year’s special program is dedicated to KIM Hye Soo, a woman who has helped to lead the development of Korean films as an actress that represents Korea both in name and reality.
KIM Hye Soo made her big screen debut with the film Ggambo, which got her an award for best new actress and the attention of the Korean film industry. Since her debut, she has transformed herself repeatedly from the time she starred in director LEE Myungse’s First Love (1993) to one of her most recent films, Default (2018). She is an actress that has established a commanding presence while standing at the forefront of Korean cinema.

In this year’s special program, audiences will have the chance to see 10 of KIM Hye Soo’s most famous films, such as Tazza: The High Rollers (2006), Villain & Widow (2010), Coin Locker Girl (2015), and Default (2018). In each of these films, the character played by KIM Hye Soo stands out in a way that is completely unique to KIM Hye Soo. In addition to the screening of the films, other events have been planned for the program including an opportunity for audiences to meet KIM Hye Soo, a publication of a commemorative book written by some of the top critics in Korea, press conference, and an exhibition. 

The poster that was unveiled along with the announcement of the special program (Photographer KANG Young-ho, designed by Design Studio PROPAGANDA) features a red background and KIM Hye Soo wearing a fierce expression that are as fierce as the program’s title, “Gorgeous, Charming, Dangerous, KIM Hye Soo.” “This year is a meaningful year as it marks the 33rd year since actress KIM Hye Soo made her film debut… This program will allow us to look at her remarkable career, over the course of which she has captivated audiences from the time she debuted until the present with her unrivaled presence and has established herself as a central figure in Korean cinema as a woman in the film industry,” remarked a source from BIFAN.