To Fire You Come at Last

Sean HOGAN|UK|2023|44min |World Premiere |G

To Fire You Come at Last will be screened in ‘XL 15'.  Schedule

Program Note

On a country road in 17th-century rural England, four men: landowner Marlow, servant Pike, carpenter Holt, and farmer Ransley, carry a coffin towards the churchyard for the funeral of Marlowe’s deceased son. However, the path to the church is rumored to be fraught with sinister events after dark, so Marlow promises a reward to anyone who accompanies him. As the men’s conversation progresses, it evolves from debates to violent exchanges, and in the process, Marlow discovers that some among them did terrible things to his son. Against the backdrop of the English countryside, captured in black and white, the men’s interactions, filled with incessant chatter and mutual attacks, transform into dark and dreadful moments as night falls. This film, with its exquisite use of British humor and plot twists, meticulously revives the traditions of folk horror, fully capturing the viewer’s attention. (Jin PARK)


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Sean HOGAN is a writer and filmmaker based in the UK. His feature film credits include the critically-acclaimed The Devil’s Business, The Borderlands, and the documentary Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD. He has also published several books of cinema metafiction, including England's Screaming and its sequel Twilight's Last Screaming. In addition, he co-created the anthology plays The Hallowe’en Sessions and its follow-up, The Ghost Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore, directing both their West End runs. He is currently developing a number of film and television projects and preparing a new novel.