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Super Hero

Korea|2021|96min |World Premiere |

  • 히어로
  • 감동
  • 가족


Kiyoung, Wooyoung, and Haeri are actors in the play version of Gold Tiger, a show with heavy SFX for children. The seats are empty except for two or three children who got free tickets from the actors, but they can't just let go of their passion and the stage. In the film, these stage superheroes become real in order to save the world. Super Hero is a hymn to those who strive for their dreams in the shadows.



KIM Minha

Born in 1990. He studied film at Cheong-ju University. He climbed the Himalayas after being shocked by the failure to pass the scenario at his first workshop in college. Super Hero(2021) is his feature film debut.


Producer KIM Kyungsik
Screenplay KIM Minha
Cinematographer LEE Hyunjin
Editor KIM Minha
Sound KIM Yeongkwang
Cast LEE Kiyoung, JUNG Wooyoung, PARK Haeri

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