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The Voiceless

France|2020|86min |Korean Premiere |

  • 블랙 코미디
  • 매직
  • 섹스


A dialogue-free comedy of the grotesque in which the happiness of a drop out community depends on the future of a rubbish tip. A group of drop-outs has had enough of the throwaway mentality of capitalism and declares war on surfeit and waste. They have built up a new existence on the dirty outskirts of society and now live in catacombs under a rubbish tip. Everything is recycled in order to live autonomously underground. On the one hand, this is illegal. When a posse of overeager police come across them, their nice life seems to have reached its expiry date.


파스칼 라바테


Pascal Rabaté is one of the most important authors of French contemporary graphic novels, both as an illustrator and writer. He is also an acclaimed film director. Having already directed a short, Cavaliers faciles, in 2006, his adaptation of Les Petits Ruisseaux (Wandering Streams) for the big screen became his first feature film in 2010. His second feature Holidays by the Sea(2011) won numerous awards including the Best Director Award at Karlovy Vary. Patchwork Family followed in 2014. The Voiceless is his fourth feature film.


Producer Xavier DELMAS
Screenplay Pascal RABATÉ
Cinematographer Noé BACH
Editor Aurélien MANYA
Sound Joselyn ROBERT
Music Joselyn ROBERT
Production Design Sébastien AUTRET
Cast Yolande MOREAU, Gustave KERVERN, François MOREL
Sales Films Boutique

Star Rating full_starfull_starhalf_starempty_starempty_star 5.00