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Fortuna - The Girl And The Giants

Italy|2020|109min |Korean Premiere |

  • 매직
  • 괴물
  • 가족


Fortuna (6 years old) lives with her mother in an anonymous suburb. She spends her time with two playmates, Nicola and Anna, dreaming of being Nancy, an alien princess chased by giants who want to kidnap her and her friends. After a tragic accident happened to Nicola, an obscure secret surfaces in a struggle between reality and imagination, unveiling a horrible truth. A dark fairy tale, based on a true story.


니콜란젤로 젤로르미니

Nicolangelo GELORMINI

Nicolangelo Gelormini is an italian director, screenwriter and editor. He began working as an assistant to the Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino. His first works as director were the music videos for the italian singer Giorgia.  In 2008, he made his first short film, Caro Benzina. In 2010, he participated in the omnibus film Napoli 24. His other works are a music video All The Things (2014), a fashion film Abracashoes(2019), an interactive movie Hotel Vivier Cinémathèque (2020) and so on. Fortuna is his first feature film.


Producer Davide AZZOLINI
Screenplay Nicolangelo GELORMINI, Massimiliano VIRGILIO
Author of the Original Work Nicolangelo GELORMINI, Massimiliano VIRGILIO
Cinematographer Agostino VERTUCCI
Editor Nicolangelo GELORMINI
Sound Gianfranco TORTORA
Cast Valeria GOLINO, Pina TURCO, Cristina MAGNOTTI
Sales True Colours G.F.

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