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Cross the Line

Spain|2020|96min |Korean Premiere |

  • 섹스
  • 누드
  • 액션
  • 범죄/느와르


Dani cannot find time for himself because he has to care for his father. After his father passes away, he decides to travel around the world. As he is trying to find flight tickets on his mobile phone, a woman he has never seen before approaches him. This is Mila, who takes Dani home to repay him for his kindness. Even though Dani senses something is wrong, he can’t refuse Mila, who is charming and that’s when it happens.


다비드 빅토리


David Victori began his film career as a personal assistant to Bigas Luna. In 2008 he wrote, directed and edited his first short film, Reaction. His second short, The Guilt (2010), was screened at the Sitges Film Festival. In 2012, he was the winner of the International YouTube film festival, organized by Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender. This allowed him to make the short film, Zero(2015). He made his debut feature The Pact in 2018, and Cross the Line is his second feature. His recent work is the TV series Sky Rojo(2021).


Producer Laura Fernández BRITES
Screenplay Jordi VALLEJO, David VICTORI, Clara VIOLA
Cinematographer Elias M. Felix
Sound Yasmina PRADERAS, Laura TOMÀS, Elena CODERCH
Music Adrian FOULKES, Federico JUSID
Production Design Ester VELASCO
Cast Marrio CASAS, Marrio CASAS, Elisabeth LARENA
Sales Philip studio

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starfull_star 10.00