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As We Like It

Taiwan|2021|108min |Asian Premiere |

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  • 로맨스


As We Like It, a reworking of Shakespeare’s play, tells of the love blossoming between Orlando and Rosalind, who is disguised as a man. Filmmakers opted for an entirely female cast, thereby referencing Shakespeare’s era when women were banned from the stage. All set in an internet-free neighborhood in the bustling metropolis of Taipei, the film upends the binary world, making it a loving spectacle with plenty of music and doll-like design.



CHEN Hung-i

CHEN Hungi is a graduate of the National Taiwan University, Department of Philosophy. The commercials and music videos he directed have won several prizes and his feature films have also been awarded multiple times. His filmography includes Candy Rain(2008), Honey Pupu(2011), Design 7 Love(2017), The Last Painting(2017).
무니 웨이

Muni WEI

Muni WEI is a theatre director, producer and filmmaker. She is the founder and director of Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group and the founding member of Creative Society. She has released nearly 40 works since 1985. As a producer, she has frequently worked with Chen Hungi. As We Like It(2021) is her film debut, directed together with Chen.


Producer YAO Gene, WEI Muni
Screenplay CHEN Hung-i, WEI Muni, SUNG Kuochen
Author of the Original Work William SHAKESPEARE
Cinematographer YU JingPing
Editor CHEN Hung-i, LIN Ian, LAI Yung-Hsuan
Sound TU Duu-Chih, WU Shu-Yao
Music George CHEN, Annie Lo
Production Design HUANG MeiChing
Cast Aggie HSIEH, Puff KUO, Jo’elle LU
Sales Swallow Wings Films

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