World Fantastic Red

Play with Me

Mexico|2021|80min |International Premiere |

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Sofía, an insecure young woman, begins to work in a house taking care of two problematic brothers, who will make her stay extremely difficult. During a night when her parents are absent, the children will be harassed by a demonic entity and Sofia will have to take part in a terrifying game to try to save them.


아드리안 가르시아 보글리아노

Adrián García BOGLIANO

Adrián García Bogliano was born in the city of Madrid when he was the son of exiled parents during the last Argentine military dictatorship. At the age of 19, he managed to convene a group of film students at the National University of La Plata to produce his first feature film: Rooms for tourists (2004). In 2011 he migrated to Mexico where he joined Mórbido Films, directing various Mexican horror films. He was invited to BIFAN several times with is films, I’ll Never Die Alone (2009), Cold Sweat (2010), Penumbra (2011) and Scherzo Diabolico (2015). 


Producer Alexis FRIDMAN
Screenplay Adriana PELUSI
Cinematographer Ernesto HERRERA
Editor Martha POLY
Sound LSD Sound Design
Music Simon BOSWELL
Production Design Francisco BLANC
Cast Liz DIEPPA, Valery SAIS, Emilio BELTRAN

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