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The Barcelona Vampiress

Spain|2020|106min |Asian Premiere |Both |

  • 뱀파이어
  • 누드
  • 스릴러
  • 범죄/느와르
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115 7/09  14:00 CGV Sopung 10 18
514 7/13  14:00 CGV Sopung 10 18
115 7/09  14:00CGV Sopung 10
514 7/13  14:00CGV Sopung 10

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Set in Barcelona at the turn of the 20th century, Teresa, a young daughter of a wealthy family, goes missing, which attracts the media’s attention and stirs up the whole city. As a veteran reporter, Sebastia covers the news. He meets Enriqueta, the prime suspect according to the police, also known as “The Barcelona Vampiress”. As his interview with her continues, Sebastia finds out about the malicious secrets of the upper class.


루이스 다네스


Lluís Danés is a prolific artist, film and theatre director, and stage designer. His unconventional and unique style and his creative talent have been awarded several prizes as well as national and International appreciation. In his career as a director, the theatre play Llits, premiered at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, stands out. In cinema, his films Llach: La Revolta Permanent (2006) and Laia (2017) must also be mentioned. He has been the artistic director of three Gaudí Awards’ Editions and the Goya Awards’ stage designer.


Producer Raimon MASLLORENS, Carlos FERNANDEZ
Screenplay Lluis ARCARAZO, Maria JAEN
Cinematographer Josep M. CIVIT
Editor Dani ARREGUI
Sound Daniela FERMIN
Music Alfred TAPSCOTT
Production Design Gisela REMOLINS
Cast Nora NAVAS, Roger CASAMAJOR, Bruna CUSI, Sergi LOPEZ, Francesc ORELLA
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Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starhalf_starempty_star 6.75