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Help Me!

  • 코미디
  • 감동

Korea|2020 |25min |

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329 7/12  20:00 CGV Sopung 8 15 GV
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329 7/12  20:00CGV Sopung 8
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714 7/16  14:00CGV Sopung 11

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Program Note

Poor and timid student, Jongsoo, can’t even manage to commit suicide. While helping his neighbor who has dementia, he comes across her account information. Now Jongsoo is setting her up for voice phishing, so what would happen to them? An unexpected communication story between a dismayed youth and elderly woman with dementia. A sad drama in which the main actor’s acting skill stands out. (KIM Jung-young)



KIM Jian

Born in Busan in 1987. After dropping out of Waseda University, she studied directing at Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA). Her short December 4th (2017) was screened at the 2017 Seoul Independent Film Festival. 

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