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Action Dongja

  • 코미디
  • 버디무비
  • 무술
  • 성장영화

Korea|2020|102min |World Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
307 7/12  11:00 CGV Sopung 10 G GV
616 7/15  14:00 CGV Sopung 11 G
307 7/12  11:00CGV Sopung 10
616 7/15  14:00CGV Sopung 11

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Program Note

A rare chance to experience a live-action children’s movie made in Korea. An elementary student name Jingu can no longer stay with his parents and comes to live in a temple of young monks, but he is shy and does not get along with the others. Then one day someone breaks in and steals a statue and the altar portrait. As the only one who witnessed the crime, Jingu sets off with the other young monks to catch the thieves. 

Although their peers make fun of their robes and buzz cuts, the young monks are in fact martial arts masters who are trained by the Great Monks every day. The ensuing group battle of young monks breaking into the thieves’ hideout is real slapstick action that children will be drawn into. As a martial arts action movie, scenes such as the young monks shopping in a department store for trendy clothes as a disguise and ordering kid’s favorite foods complete its charm as a children’s movie. (Gina KANG)




He started his career as camera crew in 1993 and has been working as a director of photography since 1998. He directed his short film Mother’s Kimchi in 2017, and Action Dongja, which Korean Film Council’s Production Support was given to in 2018 is his feature directorial debut.


Producer Choi Youngmin
Screenplay Choi Youngmin, Joo Youngran
Cinematographer Kim Jinkyung, Park Hujong
Editor Mun Indae
Sound Kim Samsoo
Music Kim Kyungrok, Lee Wonkyung
Production Design Woo Kyunghee
Cast Hong Jungmin, Yoon Sungwoo, Choi Hyunjin, Ham Heesoo

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starfull_star  10.00