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  • 누드
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Germany|2020 |100min |Asian Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
105 7/10  11:00 CGV Sopung 8 18
410 7/13  13:30 CGV Sopung 3 18
725 7/16  19:30 CGV Sopung 5 18
105 7/10  11:00CGV Sopung 8
410 7/13  13:30CGV Sopung 3
725 7/16  19:30CGV Sopung 5

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Program Note

Marlene suffers from horrific nightmares. One day she discovers that what she dreamed was real after she stumbled upon a hotel advertisement in an old newspaper. Drawn to the village by an unknown power, she discovers the truth of the nightmare and falls into a daze and confusion. She ends up being admitted to the hospital. Her daughter Mona, who was worried about her mother's condition, visits the village. She is treated with hospitality by the couple who owns the old-fashion hotel. However, the hotel is filled with uneasy spirits. Mona also suffers from a nightmare and approaches the reality of death.

Michael Venus's debut film, Sleep builds suspense and fear based on the setting that the boundary between reality and dream is not ambiguous but directly connected. The nightmare is visualized as space where the hidden truth that transcends time is revealed, and space where the psychological reality of Marlene and Mona unfolds. The violent values and blind faith that settled behind the tranquility of the small-town creeps up. (Jin PARK)


미카엘 비누스

Michael VENUS

Born in Germany in 1976. He studied direction at the Hamburg Media School. His short graduation film Roentgen (2009) won numerous awards. His feature debut Sleep (2020) was nominated for the Best First Feature at the 2020 Berlin Film Festival. 


Producer Verena Gräfe-Höft
Screenplay Thomas Friedrich, Michael Venus
Cinematographer Marius von Felbert
Editor Silke Olthoff
Sound Anders Wasserfall, Stephan Konken
Music Johannes Lehninger, Sebastian Damerius
Production Design Lena Mundt
Cast Gro Swante Kohlhof, Sandra Hüller, August Schmölzer
Sales Global Screen

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starhalf_star  7.00