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Leap of Faith

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USA|2019 |104min |Korean Premiere |

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212 7/11  13:30 CGV Sopung 5 15 EVENT
717 7/16  16:30 CGV Sopung 4 15
212 7/11  13:30CGV Sopung 5
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Program Note

Even after its release in 1973, The Exorcist is truly fascinating and frightening film deserving its plateau as the most shocking horror film ever made. As first-ever mainstream film about demonic possession, religion and faith, it opened the door for popular ‘occult’ genre. A first horror film ever to be nominated as Best Picture at The Oscars, its director William Friedkin also became a household name with this and his previous work, The French Connection. In this special documentary, Alexandre O. Philippe lets us in to learn more about the film and the filmmaker. 

Mr. Philippe, whose heralded previous works include Memory: The Origins of Alien, 78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene and more, brings a lyrical and spiritual cinematic essay by utilizing up close and personal interview with Mr. Friedkin. He lets him discuss his iconic film then creates witty pictures of narration with archival footage that works superbly. As a single interviewee, Mr. Friedkin is able to add to the mythology of his classic films through his mind’s eye; it is up to the viewers to appreciate the film and his life. We are in for a fantastic ride for sure.  (Jongsuk Thomas NAM)


알렉산더 O. 필립

Alexandre O. PHILIPPE

He is the Creative Director at Exhibit A Pictures. Most of his films take on the role of unpacking the most influential works of master filmmakers. Past works include 78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene (2017) and MEMORY: The Origins of Alien (2019) and which were both screened at Sundance.


Producer Kerry Deignan Roy, Annick Mahner
Screenplay Alexandre O. Philippe
Cinematographer Robert Muratore
Editor David Lawrence
Sound Anthony Weeden
Music Jon Hegel
Cast William Friedkin
Sales SC Films International

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starfull_star  10.00